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We pride ourselves on having a little bit of everything,
so that we can meet as many of your needs as possible. 

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Plants produce oxygen, surrounding you with lush greenery and healthy air. We have all sorts of plants to offer—and we can even help you re-pot and care for your favorite houseplants.   Talk to us to learn more.

•  Air Plants
•  Succulents
•  Take-home Terrarium Kits
•  Seasonal Plants
•  Pottery
•  DIY Terrarium Bar


Spring and summer are seasons meant to be spent outside—create the patio space of your dreams with the help of our many accessories and outdoor furniture pieces. From grilling supplies to help you become a BBQ master, to all sorts of tools and hand-crafted furniture, take your backyard gatherings to the next level this year.

•  Accessories
•  Assorted Pots and Décor
•  Fire Pits & Grilling Supplies
•  Patio Furniture

Lawn & Garden

From the yearly spring rituals of prepping and planting, and all throughout the seasons through harvesting and winterizing, we have the tools and supplies that you need to nurture a bountiful garden full of flowers or edibles.

•  Garden & animal enclosure fencing
•  Plant supports, tomato cages
•  Small gardening tools
•  Hoses
•  Watering cans
•  Shovels
•  Rakes


A well-groomed lawn is not only plush, green, and lovely—it’s also much more enjoyable to lounge in. We’ll help you keep the bugs away while making sure your flowers are blooming and your mulch is fresh.

If you’re short on time—we’ll happily take these tasks on for you! Our property maintenance business offers support to meet all of your lawn care needs, from mulching and weeding to mowing and pruning. Call 717-859-1180 for a consultation.

•  Fertilizers
•  Insecticides & Pesticides
•  Organic & Pet-Safe Products
•  Axes, sledgehammers
•  String for trimmers
•  Gas cans
•  Tarps
•  Batteries, flashlights
•  Oil (Bar & chain,
    2-cycle engine, etc)


Need some soil and mulch for your lawn? We’ll deliver directly to you — call 717-556-8695 to schedule a delivery!

We also offer delivery of pellet fuel and premium anthracite (natural coal) to keep your home warm and toasty through the night. 

•  Heating products
•  Soil and mulch
•  Firewood


Make your backyard a haven for feathery friends, and connect with nature by gazing through your window.  With a variety of wild bird houses, feeders, and treats, you can enjoy peaceful moments relaxing and watching the endearing habits of this local wildlife. 

•  Bird Feeders
•  Locally-Made Bird Houses
•  Bird Food