About us

Transforming homes into a source of beauty and pride has always been the most meaningful part of our work. When we started Middle Creek Property Maintenance in 2011, we soon realized that in addition to the lawn and property services we were providing, our customers wanted support. They wanted to know more about the products we were using, and what they could do on their own. They needed someone to share ideas with, and someone who could share their expertise.

When we purchased the former Bard’s Hardware Store, we initially did not expect to open a storefront, but we began to see how important a hardware store can be to its community.

We wanted to create a space with a little something for everyone – lawn care, gardening supplies, houseplants, home décor, and outdoor furniture. We wanted to provide room to let our customers find their creativity and build the confidence to tackle their projects with ease.

Since we opened our shop in 2016, we’ve stayed deeply rooted in what matters most to us: our customers. We love learning about the projects you’re working on and what products you need. We use this feedback to ensure we stock the best supplies to meet your needs – now, and as they change. We look forward to solving problems together whether that is diagnosing a plant disease or recommending products that are safe for your family and pets.

We pride ourselves on offering unique, quality supplies including commercial-grade products, organic materials, and local and hand-crafted items.

We are excited to offer an area where you can learn, explore, and connect with nature – and each other. Join us at our in-house Terrarium Bar, Tillandsia&, for a hands-on experience. Whether you are a master gardener or simply curious about plants, it’s a comfortable space where you can get creative, and spend time together.

Check out our offerings here. We hope you’ll visit soon, and we look forward to getting to know you!


Dale & Lois Nolt