Succulents are the perfect plant to set around your house to liven it up!  They just need a bit of sunlight and some watering and you have yourself a long lasting plant.  We have a variety of different sizes and types of Succulents.  Pick from our 2″, 3″, or 4″ inch sized.  Check out our pottery selection to add with your plant!


Just water around the base of the plant.  Succulents hold their water in the plant itself so a plant with thick leaves will need to be watered less frequently than a plant with thin leaves.
IMG_0055 IMG_0061

If you are over watering your Succulent, the leaves will begin to turn yellow or transparent and will begin to feel soggy.  The leaves can also fall off with barely even a touch.


If you would like to transfer your recently purchased Succulent into one of our pots, we are happy to help!  You should make sure the pot has a drainage hole.  If you pot doesn’t have a drainage hole, you can put a layer of small pebbles in the bottom to help drain the soil.  Line your pot with a piece of screen (coffee filters work great!) to keep the soil from draining out the hole.  Make sure to use a soil that is particularly for Succulents.  *Only re-pot your Succulent in the warm seasons! Allow the soil to completely dry before re-potting.  Remove any loose soil from around the roots and place in the fresh, new soil.


After re-potting, wait a week or so to water in case any roots were damaged during the re-potting process.  Now, enjoy your new Succulent!


  • How to make your own Succulent potting soil:

Use potting soil

Coco Brick (dissolved with water)


Cinders or Crushed Granite

**Mix together for a gritty mixture.  If the soil clumps, add more perlite and cinders.