Air Plants Are Here!

Air plants can be placed in or on any type of material that does not hold moisture.  They enjoy bright, indirect light whether it’s from your office lights inside or natural light outdoors.  If placed in more direct light, the plant’s moisture will sooner be depleted which will then need to watered more often.

Air plant display with our new moss!

Yes, your air plant does need water! Though they grow without soil, water is essential.  There are two options in how to water your air plant:  At least twice a week, mist your air plant(s) until they are saturated.  OR soak your air plant(s) in a bowl or sink for 20-30 minutes once a week.  After watering, gently shake the plant to remove excess water.   Make sure to keep your air plant out of any pot or terrarium until it is totally dry!  NOTE: a plant in bloom should not be submerged in water but should be rinsed instead.

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Warm conditions are best for air plants! (50-90 degrees)

Take a plant home in one of our awesome pots or driftwood

It is totally normal for an air plant’s bottom leaves to get dried out as the plant grows.  Those leaves can be gently removed from the plant.  Any dried out leaf tips or roots can be snipped off without any damage to the plant.


It is not required to fertilizer your air plant but it can keep them in top shape and there is a good chance it can promote blooming and reproduction.  We recommend FoxFarm Grow Big organic fertilizer or Air Plant food.  Any other water-soluble fertilizer should be used at 1/4 strength.


Stop in today and check out our variety of air plants.  We range in every size!  Check out our terrariums, pots, drift wood and so much more!  They even make a great gift for a friend or family member and minimal care is always a plus!

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